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You should reduce intake of caffeine, red meat and alcohol. You should also stop smoking. Shrimps are good source of zinc, low in calories and high proteins. Kidney beans are also rich in zinc, fiber and protein. You can include kidney beans and shrimps in your daily diet. U.S. President Barack Obama (L) and Vice President Joe Biden appear at an event in Biden's home town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, August 23, 2013. ReutersJason Reed

US President Barack Obama has so far stayed neutral about the presidential prospects of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden - two friends who may be vying to succeed him - but on Friday he showcased his vice president with a joint appearance in Biden's hometown.

Ending a two-day bus trip through New York and Pennsylvania focused on his proposals to bring down education costs, Obama came to a working-class town that Democrats covet in presidential elections and where Biden has roots.

Neither Biden nor Clinton, the former secretary of state, has declared intentions for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton is seen as a prohibitive front-runner if she runs but Biden has made clear he has not ruled out a go at the top job, either.

On Friday Biden seemed to relish the campaign-like atmosphere and looked every bit as much a candidate as a visiting vice president.

"I tell you, it's good to be home," Biden, who was born in Scranton and spent part of his childhood there, told the cheering crowd at a community college.

Biden mentioned that his son Beau was fine after a recent medical procedure and then focused his short remarks on key themes for any aspiring U.S. candidate: faith, family, hard work and the ability to rise into the middle class.

"The American Dream is alive here in Scranton," Biden said.

"There are a lot of people who tell you that you have to shrink your dreams in this country now, that today's generation of Americans and tomorrow's are just not going to aim as high as we did. That's a bunch of malarkey!" he said, reprising a memorable line from last year's vice presidential debate with Republican Paul Ryan.

When Obama joined him onstage, the two men shook hands and embraced and then Obama let loose with compliments for his No. 2.

"If it weren't for Scranton, I wouldn't have Joe Biden," Obama said to applause from the crowd.

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