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The LED surgical shadowless lamp is a spot that is formed by a beam of tens to one or two hundred LED lamp beads in the lamp head one meter below the lampshade. There are two general ways to adjust the spot size of the surgical shadowless lamp:


One is to adjust the spot size by darkening or shading of the LED lamp bead on the shadowless lamp. This leads to an increase in the number of LED lamp beads, and the surgical shadowless lamp is bulky and has low light efficiency;


The other is a "petal type" to adjust the spot. The face of the lamp bead is divided into 3-6 areas (petals), which are gathered by one meter below the beam shade of several LED beads on each petal. A spot that is superimposed by the spots of the petals eventually forms the final overall spot of the surgical shadowless lamp (when the overall spot is minimal, the spots of all petals completely overlap). By adjusting the adjustment of the angle of the petals, the spots formed by the petals are simultaneously moved inward or outward, so that the entire spot is reduced or enlarged. However, due to the small number of petals of the "petal" shadowless lamp, when the spot is enlarged (that is, the spot formed by a single petal is spread out), the uniformity and the unshadowness of the spot will decrease rapidly as the spot overlap area decreases. .


Spotlight Company   introduction: The new synchronous rotating spotlight, through the metal flexible shaft to make the rotation of each lamp assembly synchronized, so that each spot is concentrated or a large spot is formed. Compared with adjusting the brightness of the lamp bead, the number of the lampless lamp bead and the volume of the shadowless lamp are reduced, and the light effect is improved; compared with the "petal type" shadowless lamp, more lamp assemblies are simultaneously rotated, thereby improving the surgical shadowless lamp. No shadow and uniformity of the spot.


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By Bertlinsheng
Added Oct 12


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