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The common method of Enameled Aluminum Wire bonding is to use a special flux-cored solder wire (sold by Shanghai Jifeng Electromechanical) to solder with electric soldering iron. Generally, aluminum enamel wire and aluminum enamel wire/bare aluminum wire/aluminum alloy/copper wire with small wire diameter. The welding method is suitable for selecting this welding method (wires, rows and foils with large wire diameter or large area can be flame brazed, see copper-aluminum welding). The welding method of the workpiece is better, the quality is reliable and the operation is convenient. .

Welding instructions: When soldering, the soldering iron tip should be as close as possible to the soldered body, and then the soldering wire should be sent to the soldering iron tip to melt the soldering wire and complete the soldering. (This method can make the flux in the soldering wire fully contact with the board surface to achieve the best. Welding effect); For the welding of enamelled aluminum wire and copper wire (or aluminum wire), the two wires are usually twisted and twisted after scraping, and the twisting size directly affects the welding effect, and the twist (ie, the curvature) The larger the amount of tin is, the stronger the welding between the two wires is.

For the newly welded enameled wire, do not use the hand to pull it too eagerly, wait for it to completely cool, and then verify its reliability; Unused solder wire, use a lighter to burn the wire head into a ball shape, so as to avoid the loss of liquid flux in the wire, affecting the next welding.

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Indoleimide outer polyester polyester coated Enameled Copper Wire

Temperature rating: 165 degrees

Insulation Description: Indoleimide outer polyester polyester coated enameled copper wire is double-layer insulation. This combination enhances the wear resistance of PEW to obtain the best characteristics. Because it is excellent in the self-slip AI and Nylon coating, it is superior to PEW+NY. Temperature and mechanical properties.


(a) The surface of the Magnet_wire is smooth, the line resistance is extremely low, easy to operate, and the coil volume is small and strong.

(b) Excellent temperature resistance 165 degree wear resistance, winding is not easy to break the skin, the characteristics are much better than the general 155 degree PEW.

(c) Excellent linear winding, suitable for high speed winding or automatic winding.

Applications: Relays, sealed coils.

Comparison of enamelled copper wire and enamelled aluminum wire:

1. The only advantage of Enameled Aluminum Wire is that it is cheap. In addition, its proportion is less than one-third of that of copper, and the cost of winding one winding is only one-fifth of that of copper.

2, using a knife to scrape off the paint will recognize it, copper is yellow aluminum is white.

3, the weight of aluminum should be lighter. The appearance of aluminum is not shiny with copper. The color of the aluminum wire is only for the slightly thinner wire. The copper at the joint is soldered with aluminum.


In the industrial production process, welding is a relatively important technology. In the face of production, the understanding of welding plays a crucial role, but when welding, there should be attention when it should be noted. Edit the precautions for dip soldering of Enameled Aluminum Wire.

Precautions for dip soldering of aluminum enameled wire:

1. Because the melting point of aluminum is relatively low, it is easy to melt into the tin pot. Therefore, when welding a small diameter aluminum enamel wire (below 0.4mm), the temperature should be controlled within 300 °C, so that the melting speed of the aluminum wire is reduced, and avoiding The aluminum wire is embrittled and should not be soldered with high temperature tin.

2, Aluminum enameled wire must be stripped paint, stripping can be used mechanical (scraping paint, paint stripping machine) and chemical (paint stripping powder, stripping water) two stripping methods, Xiaobian recommended the use of chemical stripping, using chemical methods After stripping, the solder joint should be fully rinsed; try not to use mechanical methods to remove the paint, which will easily scratch the aluminum wire and produce burrs, thus reducing its toughness.

3, Because of the instability of aluminum, so you need to paint immediately, welding immediately, do not let the aluminum enamel wire end of the stripping paint contact with the air for a long time, to avoid excessive oxidation, usually it is necessary to weld within 5 hours after stripping If there is no welding, it needs to be cut off and stripped again.

4. At the same time, the stripping length can be customized according to the length of the welding, that is, how long the soldering is to go to the paint, to avoid exposing the aluminum to the air, leaving hidden dangers to the solder joint.

5, In addition, in the dip soldering, need to gently shake 2 to 3 times in the tin pot to avoid air bubbles.

6. The connection of the aluminum enamel wire and the lead wire requires that the aluminum wire be wound around the copper wire with a small arc, which can reduce the occurrence of the false welding phenomenon and improve the welding strength.

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One of the main properties of the widely used enamelled wire and Enameled wire is a thin enamel insulating layer. Transformers, motors and generators are all coil-based machines, and coils are devices that generate magnetic fields and currents with large coils. The smaller these devices, the stronger they are. Because of the enamel of enamel aluminum magnet wire and enamel copper magnet wire insulation film than other types of thick insulation paper, fiberglass, mica and so on. Aluminum enameled wire or enamel copper wire coils form less space and therefore more efficient and compact coils and higher efficiency.

Enameled Aluminum Wire and Enameled Copper Wire are widely used in electrical equipment due to their good electrical conductivity. Enameled aluminum wire and enameled copper wire are used to carry current. In particular, the enamel copper wire has a lower electrical resistance than almost any other insulated wire. This means that generators using enamel copper wire generate more electricity than generators that use most other materials. Motor coils made of enamel copper wire will produce more motion. Transformers made of enamel aluminum or enamel copper wire lose less energy.

Other types of insulated conductors, such as fiberglass insulated copper/aluminum wheels and flat wires and varnishes, Nomex insulated copper/aluminum wheels and flat wires, kraft paper insulated copper/aluminum wheels and flat wires, mica insulated copper/ Aluminum wheels and flat wires, polyimide film insulated copper/aluminum wheels & flat wires and polyester film insulated copper/aluminum wheels & flat wires are also widely used in various applications around the world for automobiles, transformers and reactors.


The Enamelled Wire refers to a metal wire used for winding an electromagnetic coil with an insulating varnish as an insulating coating, also called a magnet wire. Enameled wire is the main and key raw material for electromagnetic winding of electric motors, electrical appliances and household appliances, telecommunications and electronic instruments. After the entry of WTO, with the rapid development of industrial electrical appliances, household appliances, telecommunications, electronic products, etc., it has brought a wide range of enameled wires. Application areas and markets. China has become the world's enameled wire manufacturing center and processing base. It is the world's largest producer and seller of enameled wire, accounting for about 30% of global production. The production of enameled wire in China has increased by more than 10% per year for nearly two decades. It is expected to increase to around 50% by 2015, reaching a scale of 1.6 million t/a, making it a veritable enameled wire production country and a strong country.

After long-term development, China has become the largest producer and user of electronic components such as relays, micro-motors and electronic transformers. However, due to the gap between technology, technology and equipment and the international market, the production capacity of fine enameled wire is far from domestic. Meet the needs. Only about 30% of China's fine enameled wire is used by domestic manufacturers, and the remaining 70% is imported.

The future growth of demand for local micro-electromagnetic enameled wire in China comes from the natural growth of market demand, and the other part comes from import substitution, especially in the field of import substitution. According to the investigation and analysis of the wire and cable branch winding wire special committee of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, it has become a veritable enameled wire production country and a strong country.

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The Enameled Copper WireSupplier - Xinyu-enameledwire offer 5 types of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wires, welcome your visit.Specifications of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire :

Enameled Copper clad aluminum(CCA) wire

Conductor:Copper clad aluminum(CCA)

Diameter: 0.10-8.00mm round Enameled Aluminum Wire

Standard: IEC, NEMA, GB,JIS

Thermal Class: 130/155/180/200/220 centigrade

Enamelled types : UEW,PEW,EIW,EI/AIW,AIW

Certification:UL Approved, iso9001, iso14001,RoHS,REACH

Main Applications of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire :

All kinds of household electric motors, vacuum cleaner motor, electric motor

All kinds of transformers, inductors, rectifiers

All kinds of fan motor

All kinds of high frequency electric appliance

Copper clad aluminum electrical wire is comprised of a solid aluminum core covered with a thin clad of copper. Approximately 10 percent of the cross-sectional area of the conductor is copper clad, thickness is not specified. Click for more detials.


Xinyu is a professional and reliable China Enameled Copper Wire manufacturers.Copper is one of the few metals that finds most widespread use in the pure form, rather than as an alloy. There are approximately four dozen different wrought alloys that contain a minimum copper content of 99.3 weight percent (and therefore designated as "coppers"), albeit only a handful are used industrially as electrical conductors. The most widely used of these dilute alloys is known as electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper, which consists of extremely high purity metal that has been alloyed with oxygen in the range of 100 to 650 ppm. ETP copper is not recommended for use in hydrogen environments due to its susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement when exposed to these temperatures. Under these environmental environments, either oxygen-free (OF) or oxygen-free electronic (OFE) grades of copper should be used. Silver bearing copper (OFS) finds limited use in power transformers because of its higher strength and softening resistance at elevated temperature.

Prior to the 1970s nearly all copper rod was made by a batch process, which included pouring and solidification of molten copper into special shaped ingots known as wirebars, reheating the bars in a slightly reducing protective atmosphere, and breaking up the cast dendritic structure by hot rolling in air to a rod form. This was followed by pickling in 10 percent sulfuric acid to remove oxides, and by butt welding of one end to another to form larger coil lengths. Today, a continuous casting and rolling process produces virtually all copper rod. Benefits of continuous casting include less microsegregation of impurities, reduction of copper oxide particles on the surface, fewer steel inclusions resulting from contact with mill rolls, almost total elimination of welds, and lower overall processing costs.

Oxygen is intentionally alloyed with copper to act as a scavenger for dissolved hydrogen and sulfur to form the gases H 2O and SO 2 in the melt. If the oxygen content is kept under control, microscopic bubbles form throughout, and under ideal conditions will offset the approximately 4% shrinkage in volume associated with the liquid-to-solid transformation. If the resulting pores are not too large, they are completely eliminated during hot rolling.

Most continuous casting and rolling units contain non-destructive equipment (eddy-current) that is used on-line to detect surface defects such as cracks and oxides. For certain high quality applications, several mils of metal are oftentimes removed from the rod surface by mechanical shaving.

Most round and square copper products are manufactured by wire drawing using either conventional manmade polycrystalline dies or natural single crystal diamond dies. Copper has excellent formability, and can be easily drawn from rod into very fine wire sizes without the need for intermediate process anneals. In spite of this desirable characteristic, common practice in the magnet wire industry is to limit the area reduction during drawing to about 90%, followed by an anneal.

Beyond that level of reduction, metallurgical structure changes can occur which can degrade the wire's mechanical properties. Copper winding Enameled Wire is often produced by the so called "in line process" which involves "slow" speed wire drawing followed in line by continuous annealing performed in tandem with enameling. The final wire products are improved appreciably by limiting the area reduction between anneals to about 90%.

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Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire and Enameled Aluminum Wire have good market prospects.Aluminum as a winding core was once more common, and all enameled aluminum wire plants in the country produce enamelled aluminum wire. However, aluminum conductors have inherently high resistivity, low tensile strength, and are difficult to process because they are difficult to overcome. Due to welding and welding defects, the gap between copper prices and aluminum prices at that time was very small. As a result, aluminum as an enameled wire gradually withdrew from the stage of history, and few manufacturers in China did it.

The aluminum wire as a conductor of the enameled aluminum wire is different from the copper wire in processing and has its own special difficulties. In the drawing process, due to its low tensile strength, it is easy to break the wire in the drawing process, and the hardness and wear resistance are not as good as copper, so the surface is easy to be scratched. The enameled wire of the surface coating often has many bright spots. Dew point and so on.

Although the above measures were taken during the drawing process, the relatively clean surface of the Enameled Aluminum Wire was drawn, but the surface still had oil stains and aluminum powder and could not meet the requirements of the coating paint. In the coating process, the use of traditional felt scrubbing, paper scrubbing, water washing can not achieve the desired cleaning effect. Therefore, before painting, it is necessary to add efficient cleaning devices and special cleaning agents to meet the requirements for cleaning aluminum conductors before painting. In order to solve the long-term problems of aluminum enameled aluminum wire due to the surface of the aluminum conductor oil, aluminum powder is not completely clean the surface of the enameled wire beads, exposed aluminum, bright spots and other quality problems.

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Xinyu-enameledwire is an integrated industrial and trade enterprise specialized in Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire suppliers, offers thousands of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire sizes and types to meet your application and production requirements. xinyu is a professional and reliable Enameled Aluminum Wiremanufacturers and Enameled Copper Wiresuppliers,Xinyu has relied upon their continuing years of experience to assist and solve complex electronic problems with their resource of experienced personnel and xinyu is willing to cooperate with friends all around the world for a win-win future.

The quality of China enameled wire depends although to a large extent depends on the objective circumstances paint, wire and other raw materials and machinery and equipment quality. It should do many thing that can produce high-quality enameled wire. It should take care of baking, annealing, speed and other issues in the operation and be aware of their mutual relations . At the same time, if people have not mastered technique, not do a good job of work and stop tour finishing work, the process does not improve health. Even if the objective conditions better, it do not produce high-quality enameled wire. So we must take care of enameled wire production process seriously in order to produce high-quality enameled wire products.

Now let our xinyu enameled wire manufacturer, a professional manufacturers to introduce the correct method of operation of enameled wire.

1, Paint charter before driving should be open fan to make the furnace air circulation to slow. Ignition temperature of the furnace and the catalytic domain with an electric preheating, the temperature of the catalytic zone reaches a predetermined catalyst.

2, The film should be measured once an hour. Before measuring, micrometer card correction keep zero.

3, Check all moving parts properly. Pay attention to put a spool of elastic to prevent rolling head, and drawing a fine break and diameter.

4, During enameled wire production operations, it should also pay attention to the explosion and fire problems, mainly inside the furnace fire phenomenon.

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Xinyu-enameledwire is an integrated industrial and trade enterprise specialized in Products suppliers, offers thousands of Products sizes and types to meet your application and production requirements. xinyu is a professional and reliable Enameled Aluminum Wiremanufacturers and Enameled Copper Wiresuppliers,Xinyu has relied upon their continuing years of experience to assist and solve complex electronic problems with their resource of experienced personnel and xinyu is willing to cooperate with friends all around the world for a win-win future.

Considerable progress has been made in recent years to explain the electronic nature of the noble metals, i.e., copper, silver, and gold. These elements exhibit high conductivity because their conduction electrons show relatively little resistance to movement under an electric field. Copper in particular is an excellent conductor because outermost electrons have a large mean free path (about 100 atomic spacings) between collisions. The electrical resistivity is inversely related to this mean free path.

Copper is the preferred and predominant choice in the electrical industry because of its high conductivity, both electrical and thermal. In order to obtain the required properties, unalloyed high purity copper is almost always used. This article discusses the rationale for this choice, and pays particular attention to the underlying metallurgical principles.

Several electrically conductive metals are lighter than copper, but since they would require larger cross-sections to carry the same current, are unacceptable if limited space is a major requirement (e.g., in small electric motors). Consequently, aluminum is used mainly when excessive weight could become a problem. Copper possesses the best characteristics for commercial applications, inasmuch as silver must be dismissed because of its prohibitively high cost.

Annealability of copper is a complex characteristic that is governed by large local inhomogeneities which can change with deformation and thermal history, metal purity, and oxygen content. Impurities play a much smaller role in affecting annealing behavior when they have precipitated, as opposed to being in solid solution.

A correlation exists between annealing temperature and the atomic size difference between solvent (copper in this case) and solute (the impurity). Valence of a solute element is also an important parameter affecting annealability. However, due to the complexities associated with the thermodynamic interactions of multiple species, annealability cannot be simply related to such plausible parameters as atomic volume or valence of the solute.

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