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Escalators are common in shopping malls, airports, and stations, giving us convenience while hiding security risks. In daily life, we must improve our safety awareness and learn to protect ourselves. Today, the fuji Escalator Manufacturerwill remind you to pay attention to the escalator.

In the mall, the most common thing is that children play on the escalators and chase each other. This is a very unsafe behavior; one is prone to collision, and the other is that the elevator is easy to cause a fall accident. It is best to lift the child up and down, or pull it around.

Going shopping in the mall often sees putting children in the shopping cart up and down the escalator. In fact, it is also very dangerous. If the shopping cart is not fixed, it is easy to accident, it is best to hold the child in your hand.

To see the direction of operation, don't go backwards. Some people like to show themselves. When they are on the escalator with their companions, they like to go from the opposite escalator to catch up with their companions. This will bring danger to themselves and affect normal. The safety of the passengers.

When riding the escalator, don't be barefoot. If you have shoelaces, you should pay attention to whether the shoelace is fast. Don't go up the escalator and then lower the laces. If the escalator runs for a long time, there will be gaps if it is not repaired in time. If you are wearing a long skirt, you should pay attention to the skirt. It is best to mention it, otherwise it will be easy to get stuck.

There are usually at least two brake buttons on the escalator, which are installed at the start and end points of the escalator. There will also be one in the middle of the escalator. When an accident occurs, or someone else is found to have an accident, the staff or passengers can press it quickly. With the emergency brake button, the elevator will be stationary to avoid further injury. However, please be careful not to press this brake button at will, or it will cause surprises to the passengers.

It is necessary to pay attention to entering the escalator. If it is a stepped escalator, the position of the foot should be in the safety zone. Do not step on the junction of the two steps. Otherwise, when the front step is lifted up, it is easy to grasp the center of gravity and fall.

If you encounter an escalator that has been deactivated because of a failure, try not to go, but choose the stairs next to it. Because if you walk on it, the escalator suddenly starts, it is easy to cause an accident. When you take the escalator, you should also pay attention to the warning sign. Sometimes the escalator is running, but the maintenance sign is placed in front of it. At this time, you must not choose to ride.

Take the escalator and stand facing the exit of the escalator. Don't take a back-to-back posture because you are talking to people around you. Don't stay at the entrance and exit of the escalator. Wait for someone to stand next to you. You should not hinder the passengers behind you.

Don't play with your mobile phone on the escalator, or do other things. You should observe the situation in front. Don't wait until you are near the exit, then rush to look up, even to the exit, and bow your head, so it's easy to fall because of inertia, and the front There are accidents and they cannot be discovered in time.

information about Escalator Manufacturer :


Energy efficiency is no longer an added value, but a prerequisite. Buildings account for 40% of the world's energy consumption. Elevators and escalators use between 2% and 5% of energy in most buildings, but can reach 50% during peak hours. Therefore, the energy-saving problem of elevators has attracted more and more attention. Escalator Manufacturer are also vigorously developing elevator energy-saving technologies.

There are many reasons why elevators do not receive any respect in the green world. Most of the energy consumption accounts for only 5% to 8% of the total energy consumption of the building. In many cases, elevators have been around for decades, and complete replacement is expensive and inconvenient. More importantly, a lot of maintenance (forgetting the transformation) did not bring the goodwill of the inconvenient tenants.

Another advantage of modern traction elevators is that they do not require a machine room because the motors and other equipment typically installed there have been redesigned to accommodate the elevator shaft. This creates more free space, less heat and less energy consumption. In terms of building efficiency, there is a lot of discussion about network lighting, HVAC upgrades, green roofs and other improvements to reduce energy use and save money.

Regeneration drive technology: Energy-saving hardware is another major advancement in energy-efficient elevator technology. They recycle energy instead of wasting it as heat. When power flows into the motor, it creates a lifting torque on the shaft and the elevator sheave, lifting the bracket. As the car moves down, the electric motor acts as a generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and pumps the current back to the facility's grid for use elsewhere.

For those who spent in old hotels or pre-war buildings, it is clear that many elevators are completely unaffected by their charm, far exceeding the upgrade time. However, in general, correct component replacement can reduce half or more of elevator usage, saving up to 5% of total building energy consumption.


Each Escalator Manufacturer has designed their products to allow them to use small gearless motors and cab suspension. Capacity, speed and limitations in the cab, especially for larger service lifts, limit the use of the product in a variety of applications.

The MRL elevator eliminates the cost and environmental issues associated with hydraulic oil embedded in hydraulic cylinders. Over the years, hydraulic elevators have been subject to more stringent environmental issues due to buried hydraulic cylinders. Because the MRL elevator is a traction elevator, all its components are above the ground, so this is not the focus of the equipment.

Until recently, MRL elevator products provided an economic advantage for traditional elevator products. Now the market is experiencing the price of some MRL elevators, which are more competitive and comparable than traditional gear steering elevators. Some manufacturers are trying to introduce cost-competitive products to compete with low-level hydraulic elevators. One manufacturer has achieved some success and the other has stopped their low-priced MRL products.

Ensure easy installation

The installation starts with the right choice. Before choosing the ideal elevator, consider the unique features of your website and architecture. Ask these questions before making a decision:

Which side of the building will be equipped with an elevator? If a modular elevator is chosen, will an independent elevator shaft increase or decrease the appearance of the building?

Do you have a crane channel? If not, the cost of modular elevators may increase.

Does your area need seismic separation? In areas with high seismic activity, the individual structures of modular elevators must be separated from each other by a short distance to prevent collisions of structures during seismic events.

The modular structure lifts the crane into your pit and the installer can do the job by completing the electrical connections and ensuring fire and human life.

Ideally, the machine room should be accessed by stairs, but many machine rooms can only be accessed through ladders. The machine room is not intended for any purpose other than the machinery required for the elevator. When the elevator machinery is located on the top of a general service building, the equipment room should be located in a separate locked room.


As China's urbanization process continues to accelerate, the number of high-rise buildings continues to increase. As an important lifting device in high-rise buildings, elevators are of great significance to people's daily travel.Escalator Manufacturer Fuji gave a self-rescue method for elevator failure.

There are three main types of elevator failures: one is that the elevator suddenly stops running; the other is that the elevator loses control and falls rapidly; third, the elevator suddenly loses control and rises rapidly.

How do you protect yourself in the event of an elevator failure?

1. How to help the elevator door failure? If the elevator stops suddenly, don't panic first. Try pressing the door open button to call the service phone of the elevator service unit through the elevator or mobile phone in the elevator. You can also send trapped messages to the outside world by calling for help, and don't force the door or try to climb out of the roof.

2. How to protect yourself when a car suddenly falls? If the elevator suddenly falls, press each button from bottom to top, select a corner that does not depend on the door, bend your knees, and your body will be half-baked and try to maintain balance. When you are still a child, put your child in your arms.

three. Please take the civilized safety elevator, do not force the elevator door to open or close by hand or body. Don't jump in the elevator, don't use rude behavior on the elevator, such as stepping on the wall with a pedal or hitting someone with a tool. Do not smoke in the elevator. The elevator has a certain recognition effect on the smoke. Smoking in the elevator may cause the elevator to mistake it for fire and automatically lock, causing people to be trapped.

Here, let's talk about the safety of children, because children lack the ability to protect themselves, so parents should pay special attention to the following points:

Never stop the child. A bad habit that children may encounter is trying to block the door with the body to stop it, especially when they see an adult doing it. However, if the sensor of the door is not properly held to detect a light object, a door that may remain open to an adult may close the child.

Pay attention to your steps. Children should pay attention to their own steps when entering the elevator, especially for young people and young children. this is very important. The floor inside the compartment may not be completely flush with the floor of the entrance or elevator platform.


Vertical transportation is an important financial investment in any commercial building, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for medium-sized buildings. With this valuable asset, there is a clear procedure to ensure proper elevator maintenance is a good thing. It is important to choose a professional Escalator Manufacturer Fuji for repairs.

One function of maintenance is to ensure continuous operation by preventing excessive wear and failure. In complex systems like modern elevator systems, a more important aspect of maintenance is to ensure that the equipment continues to operate as intended. This can only be done by trained and qualified technicians using the right equipment and tools.

Elevator installers and service personnel usually do the following:

Read and interpret the blueprint to determine the layout of the system components and select the equipment you need to install or repair.

Assemble the elevator car, install the platform, walls and doors.

Test the newly installed equipment to make sure it meets the specifications.

Troubleshooting of brakes, motors, switches and control systems.

Record maintenance tasks.

Maintenance personnel typically handle maintenance such as cable replacement, elevator doors or machine bearings. These tasks may require the use of torch or rigging equipment tools that are typically not carried by elevator service personnel. Maintenance personnel also perform major modernization and retrofit tasks such as replacing motors, hydraulic pumps and control panels.

The floor of the elevator car needs to be cleaned and repaired daily, and due to traffic volume, it must be replaced more frequently than other floors. When replacing the floor, use non-slip materials and non-flammable solutions to repair or clean the cab.


Taking an escalator is a circadian act, an accustomed event. Therefore, we sometimes overlook that assertive acutely amiable behaviors in fact could could cause harm.TheEscalator Manufacturer gives you some safe ride advice.

If you lose antithesis or the escalator al of a sudden stops, captivation the armrest may anticipate you from falling.

Note the stairs

For too continued clothes, apart shoelaces or accessories that are abject on the attic may be captivated about the top or basal belvedere or adherent into the gaps on either ancillary of the stairs. If the clothes are bent by the amount mechanism, the movements of others may be afflicted and may aftereffect in injury.

Avoid accustomed beefy items

Escalators are advised to backpack people, not objects. Oversized accoutrements may arrest your view, causing you to lose antithesis or anticipate you from appropriately captivation the armrest.

Ask for advice with your stroller

The caster of the adventurer may be sandwiched amid the stairs and the bristles on both sides, abnormally at the top and basal of the stairs. If such an accident occurs, the landing belvedere of the escalator is blocked, and the being continuing abaft may abatement on the top of the stroller. It is best to abolish the adolescent from the adventurer and use the added duke to authority the armrest. The bankrupt adventurer can again be agitated by accession being application an escalator.

stand up

You may feel safer to sit on the stairs, but this is not the case. Things as simple as sitting down may access the accident that their clothes will hit the stairs and get entangled. In addition, if the accouchement are sitting on the stairs, their baby easily and fingers are abutting to the affective locations of the stairs, consistent in added common and austere accidents.

Facing the aforementioned administration as the escalator

Driving backwards on an escalator increases the accident of benumbed if landing or falling at the top or bottom.

Don't run

Running up and down the escalator will access the accident akin of you and others who use it. You may abatement or could could cause anyone to lose balance. Be accurate if entering the architecture if it is aqueous or snowing, as the stairs may be glace if wet.


The elevator is a special type of equipment that requires professional personnel to install. It is important to have a professional Escalator Manufacturer install the elevator. The installation of the elevator has its specifications, and the elevator is installed correctly to enable the elevator to operate safely and smoothly. The correct installation specifications for the elevator are explained below.

1. Level the support beam fixed on the wall and the front of the floor, then place the beam under the support beam. The deviation level should not exceed 2/1000. The guide surfaces on both ends meet the distance between the safety clamp and the fixed. Running 1M / s in the elevator should be placed in the gap between the progressive safety device, the safety clamp wedge and the track alignment side. 2〜2。 The wedge from the side of the track is 2. 3~2. 5 mm. The straight beam and the lower beam, with the hammer as the reference, adjust the verticality of the straight beam and the beam, the entire vertical deviation of the beam is not more than 1. 5mm, can not be deformed.

3. The beam is connected with a straight beam connection with horizontal adjustment level. The standard deviation of Leung must not exceed 2/1000. After the beam level has been adjusted, the beam perpendicularity should be checked again.

4. Install the upper and lower guides and plugs of the car trunk to fill the holes of the guide rails and guide rollers, and fix the car. Install the car safety device and guide the car to fix it.

5. Set and calibrate the car and four wooden mats on the fixed chassis, the plane deviation should not exceed 2/1000.

For the freight elevator, fix the first bottom of the base to the lower beam, adjust it to make it uniform, then place the car on the lifting rod and adjust the tie rod nut so that the horizontal deviation of the bottom is less than 2/1000. After meeting the requirements and tightening the nut. Under the sill clearance, secure the appropriate plug pad and tighten the nut.

For the movable underbody structure, the vehicle bottom bracket, GE should be evenly distributed, the damping rubber pad should be placed, and the bottom of the vehicle should be placed on the bracket on the rubber mat to adjust the cab of the cab so that the standard deviation of the base is No more than 2/1000. In addition, depending on the situation, use appropriate bolts between the four vibrating rubber pads and the bottom and other gap pads. In addition, it should be mounted on the bottom bracket of the car, and the bottom of the car sinks into the bottom of the head screw.

After the elevator is installed, the installed elevator should also be inspected. This step is necessary. In the final elevator inspection, the inspection should be carried out before the elevator is released for public use. The installer should call the setup check time. All necessary accessibility features must be completed and tested prior to final inspection. For the elevator machine room, the necessary fire protection facilities should be equipped.


Escalator Manufacturer Fuji found some elevator safety problems that existed. Residents lack the necessary safety knowledge of elevator use. Residents mainly have the following three problems: Lack of necessary common sense, wrong operation, especially in the decoration stage, when the decoration workers are overloaded, etc.. Lack of due legal qualities, and does not rule out illegal acts such as vandalism and deliberate blackmail. The quality of their own is not high, the degree of love and attention to public finance is low, and there is a lack of public safety awareness. In some areas, the elevator buttons were artificially damaged, the elevator doors were deformed, the qualified signs and warning signs in the elevators were repeatedly torn, and even more, they were used in the elevators.

There are two cases: collecting property fees as maintenance funds (currently accounting for 70% of such cases), the property company's choice of maintenance units often pursues profit maximization, and selects maintenance units with low service quality at the expense of lowering service quality. The government directly allocates funds to the town, but the management unit is a property company. The fund manager and the specific operator are not uniform. The property cannot guarantee that the maintenance funds of the maintenance unit are in place on time. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of the maintenance of the funds. A vicious circle can easily lead to a mutual push between the property company and the maintenance unit.

Elevators and escalators are one of the safest modes of travel. Fuji elevator is actively involved in the development of code and standards to further enhance the security of the device. We also promote safety by participating in industry associations and provide additional safety devices that exceed the minimum requirements.


As a professional Escalator Manufacturer - FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. has rich product varieties. We can satisfy diverse requirements from various users. As the owner of the office building, perhaps you are very interested in the office building elevator. But do you know about office building elevators? Through this article you can learn some basic information about fujihd office building elevators, including Safety function and emergency function.

Safety Function of Fujihd Office Building Elevators

Anti-stall timer protection——The elevator stops operation due to slippery

Photocell protection——In the door open and shut period. infrared light that covers the whole door height is used to probe the door protection device of both the passengers and objects.

Designated stop——If the elevator can not open the door in the destination floor out of some reason,the elevator will close the door and travel to the next designated floor.

Overload holding stop——When the car is overload,the buzzer rings and stops the elevator in the same floor.

Anti-stall timer protection——The elevator stops operation due to slippery traction wire rope.

Start protection control——If the elevator does not leave door zone with in the designated time after it gets started,it will stop the operation.

Inspection operation——When the elevator enters into inspection operation,the car travels at inching running.

Fault self-diagnosis——The controller can record 62 latest troubles so as to quickly remove the trouble and restore the elevator operation.

Repeated door closing——If the elevator can not close the door due to certain obstacle or interference,the elevator will reopen or re-shut the door until sundries are eliminated.

Up/down over-run and final limit protection——The device can effectively prevent from the elevator's surging to the top or knocking the bottom when it is out of control.It results in more safe and reliable elevator travel.

Down over-speed protection device——When the elevator downs 1.3 times higher than the rated speed,this device will automatically cut off control mains,stop the motor tongs act to force the elevator stop in order to ensure the safety.

Upward over-speed protection device——When the elevator up speed is 1.3 times higher than rated speed,the device will automatically decelerate or brake the elevator.

Of course, if you wanna konw more information about fujihd office building elevators, you can contact us or leave your requirements at, we will contact you as soon as possible and recommend the suitable office building elevators for your office buildings.


Elevator Manufacturers - Fujihd share precautions for using escalators!

Be careful and do not fool around while on the escalator. When you or your children are on the escalator, you should not push each other around nor should you attempt to jump down the escalator. This is because, unlike a staircase, the escalator is moving and will cause you to lose your balance if you move around too much. Falling down the escalator can be a very painful incident as the typical escalator are made with metal grooves and can easily cut your flesh.

Putting your fingers or your bare toes against the escalator floor plates is one of those stupidest things that humans have done. The quick movement of the escalator will easily pull your fingers or toes in between two of their plates and then leave you screaming in pain after severing your fingers or toes. Always keep your body at least 5 cm away from the edge of the escalator which is moving so that there is no chance that we get caught by the escalator.

Try not to wear clothing that flow onto the floor. Long scarf or dresses that touches the ground are a hazard while riding the escalator. The material can be easily clipped by the escalator while it turns and will drag you in. This can cause serious injuries if the clothing cannot be taken off immediately. There are many cases of children or women whom have their hands or feet caught by the escalator due to their clothing being entangled by the escalator. Be mindful of yourself and watch the small children as their clothes are often nearer to the ground than adults.

Similar to an automobile, you should not be drinking alcohol before riding an escalator. It sounds funny but you have a higher tendency to fall down an escalator when you are inebriated and so having alcohol in your system is seldom a good idea. And sitting down on an escalator is definitely not a good idea if you are thinking of keeping your weight low to the ground as your clothes will likely get caught in the escalator.

Finally, it is also important to choose a reliable Escalator Manufacturer

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