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On March 20, Tencent officially unveiled PUBG Mobile, an unlimited global download area on both Android / iOS and, in conjunction with many other countries, Vietnamese gamers were able to It's easy to find and download this thrilling free survival game. Recently, PUBG Mobile released the first update with Fortnite Items support for many new languages ​​and a variety of smartphone and tablet systems in the lower generation than the initial release.

Just a few days after the launch of PUBG Mobile game and raining on the iOS and Android charts, the web has also appeared a device to support PUBG Mobile with ... keyboard and mouse on. Tablet PC / smartphone to feel like the PC version. Here is a video detailing how to play this survival game right on the tablet with the keyboard and mouse of a studio selling phones that support gaming in Thailand.

Game4V, the device is called "Kmax mouse game" is being sold in Thailand at 1300 Bath equivalent to nearly 950,000. With the support to the teeth of
Fortnite Materials this device, perhaps PUBG Mobile players will not need good skills can still 'balance team' and getting Top 1 will be much easier.
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Sanhok, the latest map of PUBG, has yet to be completed. Each trial period introduces us to subtle changes in the terrain, details and layout of Fortnite Items buildings.

Recently, the producers made the community uncomfortable, as they began to find small gold trunks hidden in the forest of the Sanhok.

So far, only a few have been found and there is no way to interact with them. Member 'godlyfury' on the Reddit forum was one of the first players to Buy Fortnite Skins spot a gold chest hidden under a rock while playing squad. In the game's shared post, other members also actively reveal the location of the other chests and begin to speculate what they mean.

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Many critics argue that this is just a poor quality copy of PUBG (or H1Z1), lost the "quality" of the original The Culling version and just ran to Buy Fortnite Items the Battle Royale fever to look forward. cash from the community (cash grab)

Currently, The Culling II is rated "Very Critically" on Steam, with only 12% of the game's reviews. In addition, the number of players is too small to appear in the parachute jump into the game, has not yet reached the ground won.

Obviously, the start of The Culling II does not show any signs it will help it have the ability to "revenge" for the predecessor. But even if you are curious to Fortnite Materials see how this game is going to be, the price of 188k will also make you think a lot.

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Pointing out the extras from Extopia gives the player:

Character creation is extremely detailed and vivid. Gamers can customize their own unique way to Buy Fortnite Items create characters that express their style and personalities by adjusting every detail on the face of the person. Special shape of the body very sexy, attractive.

Confirms main weapons with customization features on Fortnite Weapons . Specific gamers can create icons; sticker; print name; change color. The available weapon skins have individual effects that give the weapon more power or minimize replay so that the player can control the weapon in the best way.

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According to SteamDB, the platform that tracks daily players on Fortnite Items for sale Steam applications, the Battle Royale product has more than a million players peaking each day throughout the year. The highest all-time appearance on January 13, amounting to 3.2 million CCU.

Despite being down, PUBG is still the first game to reach 1 million players .

The numbers have been declining ever since, but PUBG is still among the most played on Valve's online sales. Of course, because SteamDB only tracks Steam games, there is no way to directly compare PUBG with
Fortnite Items its biggest competitor, Fortnite, which runs its own launcher developed by Epic.
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The "Battle Royale" franchise for the Battle Royale franchise is still fierce, and both leading titles are showing off their superiority. No need to argue, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the most popular game in Fortnite Items for sale recent months.

But the Epic Games Fortune has gone a step further when it touched the first 20 million players. Of course, the free-to-play mode is inspired by the recent Battle Royale style of survival.

However, according to SteamSpy noted, Battlegrounds is likely to
Buy Fortnite Items reach the 20 million mark this weekend.

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First launched on September 26, 1977, Fortnight's Battle Royale gameplay became immediately the focus of the gaming community around the world with its nearly identical gameplay style. At that time it was PUBG. Not only that, demanding a much more popular, but much more free, configuration makes Fortnite Battle Royale more and more popular. Epic Games has officially confirmed that "Fortnite Battle Royale has reached 40 million registered accounts and broke the milestone of Fortnite Items players at the same time."

Although still quite far away from the record of more than 3 million simultaneous players on Steam that PUBG achieved in the previous time but this is really an impressive number with a new game mode is not fully released. 4 months. In recent weeks, Epic Games has paid special attention to Fortnite Battle Royale gamers as they continually unveil new game modes, new weapons and hours before a whole new map with changes. Extremely interesting.

At the time of debut, Fortnite Battle Royale received a lot of rubble that the Epic Games dubbed the idea of ​​the game that made up the phenomenon at the time was PUBG. However, for those who have played through Fortnite Battle Royale, the difference is clear. PUBG is a raw material system that allows players to collect, customize construction to put the character on the place. The 'one-stop' allows players to stay away from Fortnite Materials other players and survive easily. There are quite a few pluses like the lightweight, nearly identical gameplay that is 100% free instead of having to spend some money up to $ 30 to buy like PUBG sure Fortnite Battle. Royale will grow much stronger in the future.

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Immediately the technical staff of Epic Games had to intervene. They said that they would immediately investigate the faults related to the shotgun but it was not clear when the time could be overcome. Anyway, NSX also brought good news to the Buy Fortnite Items gamers as they absorbed the feedback and feedback very quickly.

In any survival game, the shotgun is always the favorite weapon of many gamers because of its melee ability. In Fornite ,. This gun is even more perverse when it is considered by the player as a "bug". Hopefully, in the quest for this kind of weapon, Epic Games will have the proper research and adjustments to bring balance to the Fornite Battle Royale at .

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Prior to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the goal of a shooter game was to kill as many other players' networks as possible, and at the same time rank them as a measure of victory. And with some great shooter titles, there's also the Elimination mode, which is when you're shot down and not respawn again. But such games are rare in the Fortnite Items for sale online shooter market, where the mission is usually to pile up your kill numbers in the game and if they die, they will be resurrected immediately.

But with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, that classic shooter concept was broken, not only that, but also the surviving motifs were changed to form a new type of game, Battle Royale. Where players instead of living in the post-apocalyptic world, anti-monster door, collecting food; Instead of shooting for the network. In PUBG, players have to survive in front of other players mischievous, and kill number is just a number ... for fun no less.

In the spirit of this new concept, Fortnite: Battle Royale has been able to transform, rewrite into a product of its own, making a difference compared to Buy Fortnite Skins PUBG. As for adding this limited Respawn system, adding these three elements ... But instead Epic Games uses the same game rules that PUBG has set.
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The first headquarters in Southeast Asia will be located in Thailand, and this is also the former headquarters of iDCC - one of the most famous NPH games in Chua Vang. It comes with the release of famous products such as 12 Tails Online.

Last October, NEXON announced the acquisition of a 49% stake in Fortnite Items iDCC, laying the first foundation for making this NPH a subsidiary and its headquarters in Southeast Asia.

However, until the middle of this year, NEXON has been approved by the Thai government and approved to buy 51% of the remaining shares of iDCC. Recently, representatives of the leading Korean game brand officially cut the ribbon inaugurated new headquarters in Thailand.

The launch of the representative office in Southeast Asia proves that NEXON attaches great importance to Buy Fortnite Skins this potential market, and it is evident that the NSX has started planning to launch some products. Online game / mobile hot in Southeast Asia in the future as Dragon Nest II: Legend, Durango, Dark Avenger III or Tree of Savior ...

Although Vietnam continues to lag behind Thailand in terms of attracting world famous game brands, however, looking positively, the launch of NEXON South East Asia headquarters will also bring many opportunities. More so that Vietnamese gamers can access and experience quality game products from Korea.
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