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Trackless trains for sale in our factory are hot-sale for Australia market these days. These trains could be used for transport, passengers could drive these rides around the amusement park. Additionally, trackless train is a great attraction in the amusement park. Our customers from Australia has bought these electric trackless trains for amusement parks, shopping malls, large squares and other places. We could customize the trackless train for you.

Ocean Theme Trackless Trains for Sale

For this ocean theme trackless train, we have one set in stock. You can also customize the train according to your requirement. Ocean theme trackless train is one of the most popular sell train in our factory. It is attractive with novel appearance and ocean theme. Each of the coach could contain 4 passengers while one locomotive could contain 2 passengers.

Tourist Trains for Sale

We call these trains “tourist train”, they are used for passengers who are visiting a park,shopping in a center, playing in a funfair and wandering in a large people’s square. These tourist train will carrying passengers from one place to another. They could enjoy the view in the park also. Tourist train in our factory can be made of wooden and fiberglass. The price differ between these two kinds. There are 14, 17 and even 42 person tourist trackless trains in our factory.

Shopping Mall Trackless Trains for Sale

In a large shopping mall, people mainly use the trackless train as a tool. It is one of the best amusement rides for kids in a large shopping center. Come to our factory, you will get more trackless and track trains which is suitable for shopping center use in our warehouse. Trackless train are more convenient than the track trains.

Kids Party Trackless Trains

Most of our trackless and track trains can be used on the party for kids. They could be ocean theme trackless train, Christmas theme trackless train and some electric track train, even some small trackless train that passengers should sit on the train not in the coaches.

Christmas Theme Trackless Trains for Sale

When you preparing for Christmas, you may consider the Christmas theme trackless train. Christmas trackless train in our factory can be divided into two types, one is the electric trackless train, and we can also custom the Christmas track train for you. The standard Christmas trackless train is comprised of one locomotive and 3 carriages. One set electric train could take 14 passengers at the same time. But the number of carriages you need could be changed if you need more. A perfect Christmas theme ride!
Carnee Amusement trackless train rides on sale mainly include a locomotive and 4 cars which will carry 18-24 passengers, kids and adults. We try our best to provide our customer more attractive and quality trackless train. We could offer the best price and style and also customize trains according to your requirement.
Trackless train rides for kids and adults could drive on the grass, concrete, gravel and even sand. Carnee Amusement trackless train rides on sale mainly include a locomotive and 4 cars which will carry 18-24 passengers, kids and adults. We try our best to provide our customer more attractive and quality trackless train. We could offer the best price and style and also customize trains according to your requirement.


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Trackless train rides for sale in Carnee Rides! Trackless train rides are amusement park train rides without tracks. And this advantage makes trackless train ride more popular, for you can operate a trackless train ride almost anywhere without worrying about tracks. Besides, trackless train rides, more often than not, can carry more passengers compared with train rides with tracks. What’s more, with Carnee trackless train rides, you can not only entertain kids and families in malls, parks, you can also use them as people mover between two locations with relatively short distances. So if you want to start your lucrative train rides business, you should consider trackless train rides. For reliable manufacturer of trackless train rides, you can always count on Carnee Rides. land trains for sale uk

Trackless Train Manufacturer and Supplier

Carnee Rides is a top manufacturer and supplier of amusement park train rides in China. Having pertinent certifications as well as rich experience, Carnee keeps in line with needs of customers and comes up with new designs and new technologies to meet your requirements. Believing in that quality always comes first, Carnee Rides builds all our amusement train rides, including trackless train rides, with high quality materials. For instance, we use high quality steels, fiberglass reinforced plastics, durable paintings, qualified batteries and other high graded materials. Besides, workers in factory of Carnee take great efforts to make sure every part of the trackless train rides are safe and comfortable for riders. At last but not the least, prices of trackless train rides in Carnee are cheaper than many of our competitors. For we know that price is one of the important factors for you to consider when you want to buy a trackless train. What’s more, Carnee Rides desperately wants to build long term businesses relationship with you rather than make a fortune from you and disappear. So if you want to buy a trackless train ride, you should consider Carnee Rides. train rides in singapore for kids

Different Kinds of Trackless Amusement Rides in Carnee

In general, there are many kinds of trackless train rides available in Carnee Rides. For example, we have big trackless train rides that can serve as people movers with capacity of 40 passengers. While at the same time, there are smaller versions that kids and parents can ride on in malls, municipal squares. Except for the sizes, there are also different locations to operate your trackless train rides. For instance, there are mall trackless train rides, carnivals, zoo and park trackless amusement rides, and road train in tourist destinations and factories. What’s more, according to the themes, trackless train rides in Carnee can also be classified as Thomas trackless train rides, Christmas trackless trains, ocean themed trackless trains and vintage trackless train rides, and so on. So when you want to buy a trackless train from Carnee, we will help you be clear about what kinds trackless train rides you want, and manufacture them to meet your other specific needs.

Trackless Train Parts in Carnee

As stated above, Carnee makes all our trackless train rides with high quality materials as well as great care. To prove these, we will demonstrate some pictures about the trackless train parts in Carnee. These include many different parts of the trackless train rides in Carnee, including the inertias, the paintings, chassis, and other parts. Of course, if you want pictures of more parts, you can always contact us. Just from these pictures, you can tell they are made of top quality rather than cheap materials.

Features of Trackless Train Amusement Ride in Carnee

1. Reliable trackless train manufacturer. Carnee Rides a top manufacturer and supplier of trackless train rides in China, and has exported many trackless trains to customers all across the globe. Positive feedback is one of the powerful proves of how good Carnee trackless train rides are. If you want, we can provide your feedback from our customers.
2. Customized trackless train rides. As mentioned many times, Carnee Rides offers you a great variety of trackless train rides with different themes, colors, sizes and decorations. All of these trackless train rides can be customized to meet your needs so that they can fit into the surroundings of your venues.
3. High quality materials. Carnee trackless trains are built with high graded materials, such as robust steels, thick fiberglass, durable paintings, and so on. All these make the Carnee trackless amusement rides last long time without deformation, and in turn make long term revenues for you.
4. Application. Since trackless train rides in Carnee are of different sizes and themes, they be used at many different locations, entertaining your customers or moving them around in short distances.
5. Low prices. All of the trackless train rides in Carnee are made and assembled in our own factory, and we sell them directly from our factory. As a result, you can get your trackless train rides with factory prices without agency fees.


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The trackless train for sale manufactured in Carnee Amusement Equipment is really well-known around the world, and this kind of train owns the new style and novel design. The Carnee trackless train is welcomed by kids and adults. Very attractive!
The Carnee amusement park trackless train rides for sale are widely seen in various types of amusement parks or theme parks and belong to a kind of road-going articulated vehicle used for the transport of passengers, comprising a driving vehicle pulling one or more carriages connected by drawbar couplings. As the quality park trains from Carnee Amusement Equipment are powered by electricity and designed with many year’s experience, the park trackless train rides are a quiet, safe, very maneuverable and environmentally friendly electric train. The Carnee tracklesstrain rides imitate the trains we often take in our life. The amusement trains can run with a high speed, which can bring much excitement and fun for all family members, as well can relax themselves. At the same time, the vintage amusement park trackless trains for sale in Carnee are also one of the hot products.
miniature trains for sale What makes the Carnee amusement carnival equipment be the top selling amusement trackless train rides manufacturer? Carnee has the whole production lines of the amusement trains for sale. Therefore, we can keep the price of the Carnee park trackless train acceptable. Carnee Amusement Equipment manufactures high quality long lasting generic and custom built multi-colored trackless trains and the Carnee train rides is totally built and assembled at our factory in Henan, China. Carnee amusement trackless train adopts first class resin, thickness is very strong, color is baked by high temperature, not easy to fade. Workmanship of trackless trains in Carnee is very good.
Zhengzhou Carnee Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is the top amusement park train ride manufacturers in China and supplies various quality amusement equipment for customers all over the world, including the trackless train rides. And all quality amusement equipment in Carnee amusement equipment sells well nationwide. Please leave your message here to know more information. 

Features of Carnee Trackless Trains

1. Various in colour, cute cartoon for carriage decorations and driving freely with music, which is attractive and can be customized by customers.
2. Safe in operation and high in quality with reasonable prices.
3. Decorated with LED lights for the carriage, the park trains is flashing romantic at night.
4. Powered by electric motor, the trackless train rides are eco-friendly.
5. It has novel shape, security, good performance to adapt to wide range of amusement parks.
6. Carnee amusement park trains for sale have a longer service life.


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Amusement Park Train For Sale

Amusement park train, also called kids electric train, refers to a mechanical toy composed of a locomotive, a line of track and several carriages for kids to sit. The park train intimates real train and train track is made from regular steel rail. The vehicle is started by assembled current cabinet which inputs current to rail, and train model can be customized at one’s will. As a stunner in amusement park, fairground and shopping mall, the amusement train always attracts kids and adults’ attention instantly. Carnee Rides, a well-known amusement park train manufacturer, designs and produces high quality amusement park trains with track and trackless train for sale at competitive price.

Materials Of Tourist Train For Sale

Main materials of Carnee amusement park train ride with track is glass fiber cloth and resin. That is, the mould is coated with a layer of resin and a layer of cloth for cohesion. The material is comparable with steels, characterized by light weight, anti-corrosion, heat preservation, noise insulation and long service life. For example, mall train is welded by 48’’ galvanized tube. Galvanized tube needs no spraying painting and will not rust.
The track is 0.7m wide, and 0.2m away from the ground. Then, sleeper is laid below the track and foundation is needless. The sleeper can be directly placed on flat ground, especially fit for the site with plants and trees and rockery. The train sleeper is made of fumigation wood. With minimum turn of 3m, the electric train ride covers 6*8m at least. Certainly our company completely follows the principle of tailor-made and clients can customize theme park trains according to site requirements.

Structure Of Amusement Park Train Rides For Sale

To begin with, the locomotive guide rail automatically controls the traveling direction. Radar introduces minimum clearance distance induction of ultrasonic wave to avoid collision. Motor power of electric train carriage is 0.5kw. Both locomotive and carriage are set with lamp lights, brilliant at night. Then the motor is high end self-carried reducer motor. Travel speed of carnival train ride is 0.8m/s. Tires of birthday party train include iron wheel and polyurethane wheel, and then the latter can reduce noise and make the train travel smoothly.
However, a quantity of iron wheels must be applied due to its electric conduction function. Width and height of carriage are taken into account to satisfy comfort of tourists as well as size range of operating environment. Space arrangement and parameters of seats takes ergonomics as main reference to relax human muscle and remove fatigue. The entrance and exit of carriage are not less than width of both shoulders. Necessary hand rail is set to ensure passengers’ safety. In addition, body restraint is adopted for children because they are lively and active. Finally, wide vision of tourists is considered. Vehicle body and inside selects proper color, that is, it gives visitors a delectable feeling.

Features Of Carnee Amusement Park Train

1. Colorful LED lights, flickering in varying colors
2. Small bells at the locomotive to remind pedestrians to give way
3. Safety protective net between two carriages will effectively minimize security risk
4. Fitted with stereo system in every carriage, directly controlled by locomotive control room
5. Then delicate packing and an inflatable bag put in the gap to prevent bump during transportation


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Tourist train for sale from Carnee mainly used for passengers who are visiting a park, shopping in a center, playing in a funfair and wandering in a large square. They will carrying these passengers from one place to another and passengers could get off the middle way, they could also enjoy the scenic on the train around the park. Some of the tourist train are free for passengers while others are not. They are many tourist road trains for sale in our factory. Most of these train rides are trackless tourist train while others are track trains. Here we will show you more models.
Electric tourist road train as one of the most popular and environmental rides are hot-sale in our factory in 2016, they are energy saving and they could keep working for more than 12 hours. They work smoothly and drive over a certain slope.
Special tourist trains on sale in our factory mainly refers to the train sets which could be sit with more than 5 passengers, even 20 passengers for each coach. They are popular in the large amusement park and tourist attractions. They will carry tourists from one attraction to another easily. More of large tourist attractions need this, because their viewpoint is far away from the other. They need to provide passengers convenience.
Ocean themed tourist train is a new design train in our factory this year, we spend a lot on the appearance and painting, passengers siting in the train will have a feeling that they are swimming in the ocean, beside the mermaid, small yellow croaker and many other marine creatures.
Tourist train for sale are trackless, because most of track train rides are limited, they shouldn’t driving around the amusement parks or squares, and they should be placed in one fixed place. Carnee tourist train rides are perfect for indoor and outdoor amusement sites. They are friendly to the environment and never create carbon to pollute the environment. When they are working, they makes little noise which will help passengers keep happy. Except for large amusement parks, our electric tourist train rides are also suitable for party, carnivals, shopping centers, clubs and some street parades. They are flexible to many kinds of amusement rides business.

Tourist Train for Sale from Carnee Amusement Equipment

Carnee tourist train rides on sale usually made up of one locomotive and four coaches which will carry 18-24 passengers, 1-2 for the locomotive, 4 for the coaches. This is the normal tourist fun train for passengers. We also produce special tourist train for different occasions, for example the model train with one locomotive (2passengers) and 2, 3 , 4 or even more coaches(20 passengers). Additionally, we also accept customized order, coaches for each set of train equipment could be customized, you can add or cut back, and whatever you like! The only thing you need to do is discuss with our sales manager or engineers. Your advice will he highly appreciated.
As an amusement park tourist train rides manufacturer, we will provide our customer the most reasonable prices. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years, our sales market are widely all over the world. The minimum order for our train is one, you can customized the decorations which including the led lights, music box, the painting and many points you need to change. Our trackless tourist train are made of fiberglass which called FRP by our engineers or wood. We, Carnee amusement, has our own production line for different tourist train for sale. Welcome to our factory for tourist train sets for your business! We will provide you the best service and quality.


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Various backyard trains for sale cheap in Carnee Rides. Backyard trains are very popular among families all over the world. For they can give families opportunities to enjoy quality time together with great joy. And there are backyard train rides with tracks, rideable backyard train rides and even trackless trains for backyards. You can choose the perfect one for your own so that make good use your backyards. One thing is certain that if you add a backyard train ride to your home, there is definitely more fun for you and your kids. Of course, friends of you can also benefit if you invite them to have a ride on your backyard train ride. Of course, you can also set up your backyard train rides rental businesses, which is guaranteed to make huge money for you. If you want to find a reliable manufacturer and supplier of backyard train rides, you can always contact Carnee Rides.
train rides for kids

Backyard Trains Supplier and Manufacturer

Carnee Rides is a top manufacturer and supplier of amusement train rides in China, providing a large range of train rides for customers worldwide. And all of these train rides can be customized in themes, colors, sizes to meet your needs. Due to the high quality and competitive prices, Carnee train rides have been successfully exported to many countries and regions around the world. From the feedback, we can see our customers are very satisfied with our train rides and promise to build long term businesses relationships with us, too. For backyard train rides, they are very popular for families want to own their own mini train rides in the backyards so that they can enjoy great time with their children.

Different kinds of Backyard Train Rides in Carnee

As mentioned above, Carnee can make custom train rides. As for popular backyard train rides, there are mini trackless train rides for backyards, as well as train rides with tracks, and even mini train rides that can ride on. You can choose what kind of backyard train rides you want. Of course, Carnee can also customized train rides for your needs.

How to Use Backyard Train Rides

As mentioned above, you can buy one for your own use, so that you can enjoy the riding with your children. Of course, you can use your mini backyard train rides to entertain your kids and their friends on parties or holidays. This is definitely great fun. Besides, you can start your own train rides rental businesses, by purchasing several backyard train rides. And then you can rent your backyard train rides to parties, festive, and many other events. Due to the limited dimensions, backyard train rides in Carnee can be easily transported and set up and teared down.

Features of Carnee Backyard Train Rides

1. Mini dimensions. Compared with other train rides, backyard train rides usually come with small footprints so that they can run across backyard easily. Of course, this small dimension make these easy to store as well. 2. Versatile themes. As stated above, Carnee can customized backyard train rides to meet your specific needs. 3. Quality materials. Backyard train rides, as usual, are made of high quality materials to last long time. And every details of the train rides are checked and rechecked by our workers before leaving factory.


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Train rides are small rideable trains able to accommodate children and adults. In general, there are two big categories about amusement park trains-train with track and trackless train. The amusement park train ride possesses the appearance of a real train but with a smaller scale. Some of the carnival trains are equipped with a live steam locomotive resembling the vintage trains in old time. Some of amusement park train rides are themed with special characters and elements. Most of the themed train rides are designed as amusement rides for children. The miniature rideable trains are often used for sightseeing tours. The small rideable trains can be set in the amusement park, shopping mall, and other enclosed places. spin zone bumper cars for sale

Amusement Park Train Manufacturers

Carnee group is one of the famous and dependable park train manufacturers. Carnee is specialized in creating and manufacturing various kinds of amusement attractions. We provide a variety of carnival trains for our customers. All our small trains for sale have various kinds of designs and gauges for your choice. The quality and safety of our miniature rideable trains for sale conform to international quality and safety standards. Our mini trains for sale have been certified by ISO 9001, CE, and SONCAP credentials. The major raw materials employed on our tourist train for sale are FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) and steel. We have a stable raw material supplier, therefore, we can control our cost well. Hence, we enable our customers to buy cheap but of high quality amusement park electric trains for us.

Carnee Trackless Train for Sale

The trackless trains do not utilize tracks. Those railroad-like cars towed behind the locomotive of the trackless train have wheels. This kind of park train ride is flexible. The riders can operate it on any places with flat ground. The trackless train is easy to operate. It is also convenient for the runners to move the trackless trains to the place they prefer. The trackless trains are often used as tourist train for the riders going sightseeing. Our tourist trains for sale have been designed into various kinds of appearance. We provide our hot sale versions to you for your reference. If you don’t satisfy with the design of the ones we offer you, you can tell us your idea, and we assist you to achieve it. You can customize the one according to the ideas in your mind.

Carnee Train Rides for Kids

Carnee train rides for kids target users are children, which use simple, colorful decorations and other elements to attract kids’ attention. Relatively speaking, the train rides for kids are easy to get an upper hand on the amusement park market. Once the children think the train rides you offer are funny enough, they will be urgent to take the train rides. We have the confidence our park train fairground rides will draw the kids’ attention and make you make profits from our small train rides. Our train rides for kids is applicable in the amusement park, shopping center, garden, and children’s palace.


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A leading trackless train manufacturer & supplier which refers to the amusement park rides manufacturer who has its own factory and worker. They produced many trackless train rides for amusement park, funfair, shopping mall, large squares, playgrounds and some other places. Usually trackless trains from these trackless train company comes from different sizes and colors. Purchaser could customized the locomotive and decide colors and materials of the trackless train they need. Carnee – the train ride manufacturer here will offer a wide variety of train rides with track and trackless for your business. Contact Us now! small trains you can ride for sale

Trackless Train Rides Purchase Steps

First of all, send your inquiry to us, you can also select your favorite train model from our website. If we have not present your favorite train, just send us your requirement. We will give you more choices about different trackless train. Second, our sales manager will contact you and send you the price list, discuss the manufacturing details with you. If you need to go to our factory to see the real equipment. We will always here waiting for you!
Third, after the discussion, there will be an agreement. And you should pay some deposit for the train you have ordered. At last, once the deposit has been made, we will start the production of your trackless train. The manufacturing days will be signed on the agreement and we will finished the products on schedule. Once complete, we will send detailed photos of your train and then prepare for shipping.
As an trackless train manufacturer, Carnee Amusement, has done a lot in this industry. Designs, builds and sells one of the most good-looking, attractive and reasonable price trackless trains in the world for all customers. Our train rides has been exported to many countries, Australia, Canada, USA, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.
As a trackless train manufacturer, we manufacture electric and gas powered trains without track for both kids and adults riders. If you want wanting to start a business on tourist train without track or looking for a new version attraction for your company. Carnee trackless train is a perfect choice for you! Our trackless train comes from different appearance, size and power. We will provide you the best service and best quality trackless train rides. Our trackless train rides are perfect for shopping malls, indoor business, outdoor activities, churches, charities, zoo, amusement parks, family fun centers and some rental business.


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trackless mall train|Shopping Mall Trains|Electrical Mall Train

Mall trains for sale on Carnee are very maneuverable, environmentally friendly and are very good investment for your business. We manufacture hot-selling trackless mall train for sale sized for both children and adult riders. Whether you’re wanting to start a mall train business, adding to an existing business, or looking for a unique attraction for your organization, Carnee trackless mall train is the perfect choice!
carnival carousel for sale china Established since 1995, as a professional trackless train manufacturer, Carnee Trains have built a reputation as leaders in the field of specialist trackless train sales both here in China and abroad. With a wealth of experience, a fully-insured professional service and a 100% safety, track-record Trackless mall train made on Carnee include old- style steam engine locomotives, Choo Choo train for birthday party.

Start a New Trackless Mall Train Business?

Carnee is an electric trackless train manufacturer, providing small mall trackless train for kids with lowest price. Carnee Mall small train is in fiery booking now, welcome customer for a field trips.Why choice Carnee small train Next I will give you a detailed explanation of the special structure of Carnee train:
The paint of trackless train for sale adopts car baking paint, which has advantages of bright color, strong visual impact, good surface finish and easy to scrub. The color of the Mini Express are mixed by our professionals, and it also can be blended into various color according to customer requirements. The perfect painting and the right proportion with the real train makes Carnee royal rides trackless train ride a perfect work of art in any place. One-meter design suitable for the width of any narrow road. The designation of three-turn rounds makes the Family amusement funfair train ride to have a more flexible steering.
Carnee theme park family amusement trackless ride has a very large battery, so power is more durable: eight 6 v 220 ah battery has a total power of 48 v which can last continuously 15 hours or more, reaching 120 kilometers far. Reasonable design of the mechanical solitary brake system can make the types of amusement park train rides more stable. In addition, we can mount the Kiddie train chimney effect according to customers’ requirements. The carnival trackless train rides itself has a real siren horn. Traction motor: dc traction motor series permanent magnet / 3 kW. So it is stronger than ordinary battery car motor driving, even after a full-day working, the motor is not very hot.
Carnee will be your best choice on the way to new trackless mall train business. Here you can choose different types of trackless trains and even track trains for your mall business. Welcome to buy Carnee Mall Train Rides!


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Electric trains for sale are amusement rides mainly produced for children above 8 years old . Parents can also ride on the train together with their children. There are usually 4 cabins for a trackless train and it can increase or decrease according to customers’ requirements. The trackless train drives more flexible and is well popular in the market. kids amusement rides for sale china 

Electric trains for sale, a new carnival rides, no pollution and no emissions, very suitable for the resort, pedestrian street, parks, playgrounds, residential, shopping malls and other playground places. The appearance design of this carnival train rides for sale is according to various cartoon characteristics or antique modeling. The mini train’s body is compact and beautiful, with high ornamental value, very popular among young tourists. We apply excellent glass steel from refined to manufacture the train’s body, which is smooth, beautiful and durable, won the praise from all of our customers. Electric trains for sale not only can bring long-term benefits for investors, but also allowing children to fully enjoy the joy of childhood. Carnee Rides is specialized in playground equipment development, design, production and sales. We provide various types of amusement train rides, also we provide customized service as your requirement. We warmly welcome every customer to pay attention and inquiry any questions about our products. If you want to learn more information about the playground equipment or amusement industry, feel free to contact us! Carnee Rides, as the China Leading Train Rides Manufacturer, provide all kinds of train Rides for most suitable electric trains for your amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, funfair, shopping malls, school, rental business and also your own houses, these train rides usually are classified into trackless train and track train, which is both suitable for kids and adults. Buying the electric train rides from Carnee Rides will be your best choice, because of some advantages of Carnee electric trains: high quality, lower prices, safe operation, high speed, attractive appearance, less power consumption, easy maintenance, sturdiness, corrosion resistant, appealing decoration and so on. So if you have any questions for our trackless train or track train, please Contact us, detailed information will be provided quickly.

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