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Rice is our human main meal in our daily life, especially in foreign countries. However, in recent years, rice milling machine industry faces depression affected by global economic crisis. rice milling machine in China and foreign countries strikes the market, bringing big economic pressure to rice milling machine suppliers. Faced with depressive market, paddy separator machine manufacturer china-zjlg improves scientific technology to realize rice milling machine industry development. rice milling machine should reduce energy consumptions at maximum by bring in advanced machinery, enhancing operation efficiency and decreasing management and financial costs. Only by mutual hard work of the rice milling machine supplier and the government, can the rice milling machine industry get better development in market depression.

The husk as received from Rice Mills and charged into a dust separator, then sieved to separate dust from husk. The rice husk is then dried and powdered. The powdered rice husk is then segregated according the size. Cleaned husk and the powdered husk is charged into a blender separately and then mixed and coated with a propriety resin on to the Husk which is called furnish. The "Furnish" is spread over a carrier sheet to a pre-determined thickness manually, layer by layer to form a sandwich (fines-coarse-fines) and charged on to a loading cage. The loading cage shall load all the 7 sets into a 7 day light opening hydraulic hot press.

Complete sets of engineering In order to satisfy the users' different demands of rice milling equipment performance, and china-zjlg absorb the advantage of the rice milling equipment at home and abroad, and combining the actual situation of user rice raw materials, the development of different types of international configuration sets of rice milling equipment, using large-scale industrialized production and strict quality control procedures, to help users obtain cost-effective sets of rice milling equipment, and by the professional engineering company to provide users with design, manufacture, installation, supervision, commissioning, training, and other one-stop service.

An automatic control system was developed for controlling rice whitener. The system was designed based on machine vision and fuzzy logic techniques. The developed system had a high accuracy in controlling of the whitening machine. Performance speed of the system was satisfactorily higher than human operator. Decisions made by the system resulted in a good improvement in the quality of product.

In a word, china-zjlg will continue to strive to provide you with higher quality, but also hope that you support us, welcome to leave a message.

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