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One with the more interesting game systems inside the upcoming MMO TERA will be the enchanting system.
To most gamers which may have played other Korean MMOs inside past TERA's enchanting system may seem straight forward but for your typical western MMO player it could be more than a little complicated.
One on the first what exactly you need to do before you decide to attempt to enchant a product or service is to be sure to Tera Gold can even enchant that item. That nice blue chest bit of awesomesness that you are super enthusiastic about you just won in Bastion? Yeah... you cannot enchant it. While in some MMOs you'll be able to enchant almost everything you come across, the identical cannot be said for TERA. You are not even bound to be able to enchant all goods that are uncommon (green) or rare (blue) quality items. Some greens items is usually enchanted, some blue items might be enchanted. In an item description it's going to tell you when it is enchantable, extractable, and remodelable. It could be any mixture of those 3 or not one of them at all. This line may also list what tier them belongs in.
After you've decided what item you desire to enchant and determined that you'll be able to in fact enchant it you need to go to a vendor and acquire Alkahest.  Alkahest will be the consumable used inside the enchanting process. Alkahest is inexpensive possibly at higher levels is apparently just even more of a nuisance than a genuine functioning gating mechanic.
You don't have to travel to any special crafting area to enchant your item.  All you will need could be the Alkahest, the product to be enchanted and them that you will destroy inside the enchanting process.  I prefer to try and do my enchanting within the field far from everyone.  No one wishes to see a grown Aman cry just in case I fail.
After you might have found your grassy knoll to craft on you may either throw open the enchanting window over the systems navigation menu or you may open it on top of the default hot key Cheap Tera Gold So press T to open your enchanting window.
The enchanting window seems as if a funky jukebox that's 3 boxes within it, an anvil, and a couple of hammers.  In the guts box should go the item that you are enchanting.  Flanked through the box about the right go the Alkahest and within the left may go the item you're sacrificing on the +1 gods. After you've placed each of the materials inside their boxes you should click the confirmation window.  At this time the two little hammers will beat the heck from the items.  When the hammers are finished you will probably have a +1 item and congratulations are usually in order because you've also earned an achievement: You and Your Plus One.
At +1 this weapon gained 6 attack, and 13 extra damage.  After we enchant this weapon and a times at +3 they have gained 19 attack, 41 Extra Damage and earned the initial enchantment bonus. For this weapon it can be 4.5% more damage when attacking small monsters. Also if this will be the first time you might have enchanted a weapon to +3, congratulations again.  You just earned another achievement: On the Plus Side.

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