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Hire a Freelance Senior System Designer

A Senior System Designer plays an active role in consulting and design services related to Telecommunications and Information Technologies. This professional will work with system elements such as system architecture, modules, and components. They design and configure reusable application systems that must connect independently to network applications.

The technician assists in the creation of detailed design documentation for the development and integration of computer systems tailored to meet client needs. They also work on larger and complex systems in distributed system scenarios to abstract the details about the members of those systems.

The primary job responsibility of the position is to assist site engineers with installation and operational testing. The technician also looks into devising cost-effective solutions that are specially designed to cater to the needs of the organization end-user. Such solutions might include telecom rooms, pathways and other infrastructure such as wired/wireless and copper/fiber structured cabling systems to support voice/data/video applications, distributed antenna systems, data center technologies and other leading-edge IT/Telecom solutions.

The system designer develops high-quality informed computer-related infrastructures such as drawings, details, cost analysis and specifications language. They will collaborate with Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and architectural teams. Designers will guide the clients through the technology selection process.

As part of this job role, the designer develops conceptual network drawing and detailed installation diagrams. They need to coordinate with the Technical Review Committee (TRC) in-house graphics technician for anything necessary. The technician supports the design and integration of databases and applications to maintain the consistency in the organization.

A System Designer must have good knowledge to understand and develop IP addressing schemes for hardware deployments. They will operate test equipment including digital and RF path monitoring tools. The technician should have the fundamental knowledge of microwave, fiber optic engineering, and wireless network design specifications. They perform system administration on all platforms with multiple operating systems. Designers create and maintain documentation-related to systems configuration, mapping, and other processes.

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Freelance Mitel Engineer


The average salary for "mitel engineer" ranges from approximately $70,112 per year for Technical Engineer to $116,243 per year for Cloud Engineer.


Mitel is looking for a Network Engineer to aid the assemble and upkeep of Mitel's center information arrange framework. As Network Engineer, you will help use the capacities of our present system to suit our future development, use new innovations to enhance unwavering quality and scale, and authorize answers for issues that emerge.


The effective hopeful will be an innovative scholar yet a restrained architect, depending on both experience and instinct to use sound judgment and qualified judgments. We are searching for somebody who has an incredible uplifting state of mind, exceptionally savvy, roused to learn and develop inside the association. On the off chance that you are an overachiever and need to add to a group that will really value your devotion and diligent work, at that point think about a vocation at Mitel.

Give specialized help to arrange availability for both on premises server farms and interoperability of cloud related network arrangements

Screens the systems administration line and guarantees tickets are relegated and tickets possessed are settled as fast as could reasonably be expected and inside the SLA

Give specialized administrations and support to the accompanying zones, WAN and LAN availability, switches, firewalls, and security, inside frameworks, cloud and system foundation

Performs arrange support, redesigns and revives by deliberating with merchants; creating, testing, assessing, and introducing upgrades

Perform interoperability testing with interior and outside system applicable merchants

In charge of the creation and upkeep of specialized documentation to guarantee it is refreshed and current

Design and investigate arrange compontent, switches, swtiches, optical transport, and other system hardware

Keeps up a solid system by assessing system execution issues including accessibility, usage, throughput, and idleness

Work with the business side to comprehend their goals and record for them in the framework plan

Work with interior and outside outsider merchants i.e. programming and frameworks building groups to comprehend and execute specialized prerequisites

Design and oversee DHCP, get to records, and VLANs

Arrange and oversee OSPF and BGP conventions

Arrange and investigate VMware virtualized organize segments

Member of a pivoting accessible if the need arises plan

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