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paddy separator machine is feasible for separating brown rice from paddy efficiently under reciprocating movement of sieve plate according to different bulk densities, specific gravities and surface friction coefficients between paddy and brown rice. It is particularly suitable for separating mixed or low uniformity grain to improve the purity degree of brown rice. Good paddy separating effect can not only increase the whole output greatly, but also increase economic benefit enormously.
It is also necessary to study pneumatic conveying chara-cteristics of seed grains in order to design equipments for cleaning, handling, aeration, storing and processing. For example, terminal velocity plays an important role in the cleaning of rice grains to remove impurities like dockage, hollow and immature kernels. The separation of the grain mix in an air stream depend on the ratio between air velocity and the terminal velocity of the particles, and the quantity of particles entrained per unit volume of air flow. In aeration and drying systems, resistance to airflow through the rice mass is an important consideration in determining the depth of rice to be stored, the fan to select, and the motor size needed.

After separating the husk and paddy, the husk is removed by suction and then transported to a storage dump outside the milling plant. The percentage of paddy that is de-hulled to produce brown rice during this process. An efficient husker will remove 90% of the husk by steel huller machine or rubber roller huller(greater efficiency with minimum broken grain ). Paddy rice is fed into the machine and passes between a revolving steel shaft and a cylindrical shaped mesh screen. After the husk has been removed, the brown rice goes to a paddy separator. The kernels that were not de-husked in the first pass will be separated and then returned to the de-husker.

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paddy separator machine is used for the separation of any kinds of kernels and granular products of almost identical size. The Gravity Separator is used when the limits of air-aspiration systems as well as screening are reached. However, the Gravity Separator does no substitute those foregoing sorting steps, but it is an additional piece of equipment for separating more exactly according to the specific weight.

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paddy cleaner is pre-cooking of rice in water prior to milling. To be more precise, parboiled rice is the rice in which starch in kernels has been gelatinised by steeping in water, steaming and drying paddy before the husks are removed. In India, the term 'raw' rice is used to describe rice that has not received any heat-treatment such as par boiling. It is a simple process but sets off and maintains a series of rather more complicated reactions in the grain. These positively alter the grain' s physical, chemical and nutritional qualities in relation to both milling and eventual consumption.

It is highly desirable to reduce the inorganic arsenic content of rice. While breeding low arsenic rice and altering of rice cultivation practice offer medium to long-term solutions to reducing inorganic arsenic content of grain, if rice preparation to remove inorganic arsenic is optimized, this offers an immediate solution to decreasing inorganic arsenic in the diet. Milling, fortuitously for those who prefer polished (white rice), already reduces the inorganic arsenic content of rice by~50%.

Locally produced rice in most sub‐Saharan African countries have low milling recoveries, undesirable appearance because of high incidence of chalkiness and poor cooking characteristics. Artisanal parboiling is employed in many countries to enhance the quality, particularly milling recoveries, of locally produced rice. This is not always effective as the impact of key operational steps such as soaking and steaming has not been fully characterized to ensure product consistency.

Before milling, rice grains must be dried in order to decrease the moisture content to between 18-22%. This is done with rice destoner or, more often, with the help of naturally occurring sunshine. Rice grains are left on racks in fields to dry out naturally. Once dried, the rice grain, now called rough rice, is ready for processing.

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Rice is our human main meal in our daily life, especially in foreign countries. However, in recent years, rice milling machine industry faces depression affected by global economic crisis. rice milling machine in China and foreign countries strikes the market, bringing big economic pressure to rice milling machine suppliers. Faced with depressive market, paddy separator machine manufacturer china-zjlg improves scientific technology to realize rice milling machine industry development. rice milling machine should reduce energy consumptions at maximum by bring in advanced machinery, enhancing operation efficiency and decreasing management and financial costs. Only by mutual hard work of the rice milling machine supplier and the government, can the rice milling machine industry get better development in market depression.

The husk as received from Rice Mills and charged into a dust separator, then sieved to separate dust from husk. The rice husk is then dried and powdered. The powdered rice husk is then segregated according the size. Cleaned husk and the powdered husk is charged into a blender separately and then mixed and coated with a propriety resin on to the Husk which is called furnish. The "Furnish" is spread over a carrier sheet to a pre-determined thickness manually, layer by layer to form a sandwich (fines-coarse-fines) and charged on to a loading cage. The loading cage shall load all the 7 sets into a 7 day light opening hydraulic hot press.

Complete sets of engineering In order to satisfy the users' different demands of rice milling equipment performance, and china-zjlg absorb the advantage of the rice milling equipment at home and abroad, and combining the actual situation of user rice raw materials, the development of different types of international configuration sets of rice milling equipment, using large-scale industrialized production and strict quality control procedures, to help users obtain cost-effective sets of rice milling equipment, and by the professional engineering company to provide users with design, manufacture, installation, supervision, commissioning, training, and other one-stop service.

An automatic control system was developed for controlling rice whitener. The system was designed based on machine vision and fuzzy logic techniques. The developed system had a high accuracy in controlling of the whitening machine. Performance speed of the system was satisfactorily higher than human operator. Decisions made by the system resulted in a good improvement in the quality of product.

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Mechanization in such countries as the United States and Canada has dramatically reshaped the agricultural landscape since the time of early settlement. The introduction of new technologies—such as the mechanical tomato harvester, grain combines, and large four-wheel-drive tractors—has resulted in an increase in both farm size and agricultural output, a decrease in the demand for farm labor, and the demise of rural comunities. The adoption of new technologies results in losers and gainers; a debate centers around whether losers should be compensated. Agricultural labor includes workers that are employed in packing and processing plants in which wages are generally low (somewhere near the minimum wage) and working conditions are less than desirable.

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China-zjlg is a professional rice whitener manufacturer, we will communicate with customers and take their ideas into consideration to make the best product and we cordially welcomes all of you to visit china-zjlg to visit us for th win-win future. The whitening chamber is the enclosed space formed by the whitening screen and the whitening roll. The whitening screen is made up of 3 separate triangular perforated hardened steel plates which are clamped at both ends. Due to the presence of the vertical iron supports on these plates, the screen that is formed is a nonagon with unequal sides. The upper portion of the screen set up is linked to a spring system which makes it possible to be mobile.

Rice whitener is used to improve the degree of whiteness. The machine is suitable for both raw and boiled rice. It has abrasive cone made from silicon carbide mixture under high pressure. The cone has long durable operation and screen and rubber brakes increase the whitening degree. Head rice recovery is 2-3% extra.

The total milling recovery was significantly affected by both polishing time and pressure. The perusal of the means of polishing time showed that the total milling recovery was maximum (69.72%) for 10 seconds gradually decreased with an increase in polishing time and was minimum (66.58%) for 40 seconds. While total milling recovery reduced slightly with an increase in polishing pressure. The time and pressure of polishing and their interactions significantly affected the head rice recovery. The drop in head rice recovery was 11.75% when the polishing time was increased from 10 to 40seconds.

Ogunlowo and Adesuyi, Simonyan et al., Adejuyigbe and Bolaji and Agidi et al.reported higher destoning efficiency with lower machine capacity of china-zjlg rice destoner in their respective designs. It may be noted that this difference in efficiencies might be due to the differences in angle of inclination and the diameter of feed regulator opening of the machines.

Grain can occupy a large proportion of our life. Polishing machine manufacturer in the rice industry have also increased their investment in Polishing Machine. It is important to choose right Polishing Machine. The additive laser manufacturing (ALM) technique is an additive manufacturing process which enables the rapid manufacturing of complex metallic parts and the creation of thin parts so as, for example, to decrease parts weight for biomechanical or aeronautic applications. Furthermore, compared with selective laser sintering technology, the ALM process allows creating more huge parts and material gradient. However, for aesthetic or tribological functions, the ALM surfaces need an additional finishing operation, such as the polishing operation. Polishing processes are usually based on abrasive or chemical techniques. These conventional processes are composed by many drawbacks such as accessibility of complex shape, environmental impact, high time consumption and cost, and health risks for operators. In order to solve these problems and to improve surface quality, the laser polishing (LP) process is investigated. Based on melting material by laser, laser polishing process enables the smoothing of initial topography. In order to improve die/mold polishing worker's environment and polishing automation level, to introduce a kind of low cost automatic paddy husker china-zjlg with compliant actuator. The actuator is composed of a Tripod mechanism driven by pneumatic cylinders. Proportional valve is used to guarantee precision of cylinder's position, and a 3D force sensor is used to adjust polishing contact force between grind stone tool and workpiece. Structure of it is described in detail; pneumatic control circuit is given in succession. Finally, a computing case of cylinder's position for given workpiece is shown. We willing to provide our client with high-quality products and perfect service. Click: https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/polishing-machine/ to see more details.

Some experiments and calculations of rubber roller husker had been carried out in order to explore the mechanisms involved in husking rice grains using this method. A simple sliding friction rig with load cell and high-speed camera was used to observe the mechanisms that occur during husking. The husking performance of different rubbers was compared for changes in the applied normal load. It was found that grains rotate between the rubber counterfaces on initial motion before being husked. In addition, harder rubbers were found to husk a higher proportion of entrained grains at lower applied normal load. By measuring the coefficient of friction between rice and rubber samples, the shear force required to husk a given percentage of grains could be calculated and was shown to be constant regardless of rubber type. Based on the mechanism seen in the high-speed video, it was evident that there was a limiting shear stress that was the governing factor over the husked ratio.


Several machines have been recently developed to reduce mechanical damage during shelling. Use of relatively soft material, like rubber, instead of steel for the rasp bar and for the cylinder,is one of them. Reduction of kernel damage suffered by the crop other than corn has also been the prime objectives of several developments for threshing of seeds and grains. Some of these attempts are of interest to this study both because of their similarity in material and con figuration to the mechanism used for shelling of corn.

Airbag is widely used in heavy equipment dropped field with its efficient cushion performance and low cost. The calculation method used now for the process of airbag landing mainly is simulative calculation: analytical analysis and finite element simulation, but there are less systematic introduction for the mathematical model behind these methods in past papers.


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