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alisa086 Jun 14

The ring, which cost a cool $93,000, is Online Cigarettes Store USA and Buy Cigarettes Online a VVS1 clarity 3.03-carat diamond set in platinum. VVS1, for those unfamiliar with diamonds, means that only an expert can find flaws in the diamond, and must use a 10X microscope. So, that’s pretty legit.

But here’s what made a few fans say, “hold up.”

As far as we know, Ariana and Pete have been dating for three weeks.

This ring was commissioned from New York City jeweler Greg Yuna, Mr. Flawless himself, and it was made specifically for Ariana.

And … it took two weeks to complete.

We had our computers crunch the numbers. If Ariana and Pete have been dating for three weeks, and it took two weeks for the ring to be custom-made, then…

Pete Davidson bought Ariana Grande an engagement ring after just one week of dating.

Of course, this is not known for sure, but given how speedy these two sweet baboos have become betrothed it doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

She was stuck for 45 minutes.

“[I was] kind of confused because I didn’t know what was going on, because I couldn’t see around me,” she said. “But I trusted everyone who was around that I knew Newport Pleasure to get me out safely.”

Strom didn’t know the owner of the truck, but he was just happy that she turned out OK. He’s already fully fixed his exhaust pipe, and he said that she didn’t even Newport 100's, Box have to pay for it.

The exhaust pipe was briefly on display at a local bar.

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