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alisa086 Oct 10

Here we go again. Helios and Matheson Analytics (NASDAQ: HMNY) has resurrected the MoviePass "unlimited" movie plan, offering subscribers access to one movie Newport Cigarettes Suppliers, all Quality Newport Cigarettes per day for $10 a month. But there's a catch: The plan is only open to moviegoers that had previously subscribed to the unlimited option but didn't choose the new offered when MoviePass killed off the unlimited one.

But as reports, there's another unseemly move at issue. MoviePass automatically enrolled qualifying old subscribers into the plan and if they didn't click on an opt-out link sent to them in an email, MoviePass began charging their credit card. Essentially, they canceled their subscription with them -- actually, MoviePass canceled the subscription -- but it is now automatically reactivating their accounts.

Sinemia has an "unlimited" subscription plan  Newport 100's, Box that lets moviegoers see just like the MoviePass version, but charges $30 a month. It also has other plans for varying numbers of movies at different price points.

While the AMC and Sinemia plans appear unsustainable, since once subscribers see more than three movies the subscriptions start losing money (ignoring the profitable concession stand sales they make from those patrons), they're operating on the basis of what Sinemia calls the "modern moviegoer" who sees on average three movies a month. In general, most moviegoers see four to six movies a year, so the subscriptions should break even at worst, or actually become profitable.

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