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lianggong Oct 10

Product description

1. Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) with double supporting construction, rubber rollers are not apt to be in different diameter of the two ends.

2. Shift gears through gearbox, keeping reasonable differential and sum of rollers peripheral speed between fast roller and slow roller, the husking yield can come to 85%-90%; No need to replace rubber rollers before using up, just simply exchange between the rollers.

3. Use long shedding, with uniform feeding and steady performance; Equipped with automatic feeding following mechanism, easy to operate.

4. Use vertical air channel for paddy separation, with better effect on separation, less grain content in rice hulls, less rice hulls contained in mixture of husked rice and paddy.

Equipment introduction:

Well-designed products, the ideal equipment. This machine uses a pair of different speed rotating rubber roller, it can squeeze and rub rice under a certain pressure to achieve the purpose of threshing, than make use of the different speed of suspension between brown rice and rice husk reuse of brown rice husk and suspension speed difference to separate them with induced draft.


Higher rate of hulling, lower rate of broken.

This machine uses the reasonable lineal-speed differential and adjustable pressure between rollers,90% of hulling rate, less than 5% of broken, it able to stay stability in the process of production.

Easy to use:

Adjusting handle, automatic feed plate, rollers swap with gearbox. Smooth operation:Main rotary parts are passed strict inspection, smooth running, smaller vibration.

Low abrasion of robber roller:

Best ventilation to avoid overheating to wear rubber roller, adopts double supporting structure, reliable performance.

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