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Escalator Manufacturer Teaches You to Clean the Elevator

Escalator Manufacturer Teaches You to Clean the Elevator

When elevator maintenance or system modernization is delayed, performance drops rapidly in three ways: long wait times, frequent failures, or system power failures. Reduced service life requires replacement of parts, entire systems or components that have been corroded, overheated or damaged when service is required. Therefore, maintenance of the elevator is a must. The elevator must be cleaned and maintained by a professional. General Escalator Manufacturer provide elevator maintenance services.

So how do you clean the elevator? Since the elevator is a ride tool, at least two people must be executed at the same time before cleaning and maintenance. A person is attached to a warning sign and a person performs related cleaning work and preparations. The most commonly used cleaning tools are rags, dry towels, buckets, detergents, vacuum cleaners, and the like.

Tools needed to clean the elevators in the warehouse: including rags, high-altitude dust removal, ideal stainless steel brighteners, universal cleaners, furniture repair spray waxes, vacuum cleaners, “temporary use” signs, “in progress” signs, etc. These rags are used individually depending on the color and all tools should be placed in the work cart or work basket.

Obtain the elevator control button or contact the relevant department, park the elevator on the elevator maintenance floor or facilitate the cleaning layer, and pull the elevator control switch to “OFF”. Arrange elevator cleaning at night as much as possible to avoid inconvenience to the customer's work. Place a "pause" sign at the elevator entrance. Frequently use high-grade cleaners to clean the area above the shoulders, including the four walls of the elevator, the roof, lighting, and so on. Clean the fixtures and buttons with a clean towel. In the case of stubborn stains, detergents can be used. (Note button material) The floor of the elevator car needs to be cleaned and maintained daily, and due to the amount of traffic, it must be replaced more frequently than other floors. When replacing the floor, use non-slip materials and non-flammable solutions to repair or clean the cab.